So say I, Hilda of Lorule…

I like her a lot :)

"Link…can you hear me?  It’s Rauru, the Sage.  We six will gather our power to create a bridge to the castle where Ganondorf dwells… The castle’s keep, which is known as Ganon’s Tower, is protected by six evil barriers.  Bring down the six evil barriers and save Princess Zelda!!" 

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Just bought the incredibly awesome album Melodies of Hyrule by the american violinist Taylor Davis !
Check out her Youtube channel and Facebook page.

There are 16 songs in this album : 

  1. Gerudo Valley (From “Ocarina of Time”)
  2. Bolero of Fire (From “Ocarina of Time”)
  3. Song of Time and Song of Storms (From “Ocarina of Time”)
  4. Dragon Roost Island (From “the Wind Waker”)
  5. Kokiri Forest (From “Ocarina of Time”)
  6. Great Fairy Fountain
  7. Zelda’s Lullaby
  8. Midna’s Lament (From “Twilight Princess”)
  9. Nocturne of Shadow (From “Ocarina of Time”)
  10. Serenade of Water (From “Ocarina of Time”)
  11. Sheik’s Theme (From “Ocarina of Time”)
  12. Lon Lon Ranch (From “Ocarina of Time”)
  13. Dark World Theme (From “a Link to the Past”)
  14. Ballad of the Goddess (From “Skyward Sword”)
  15. Tal Tal Heights and the Legend of Zelda Main Theme
  16. Lost Woods (From “Ocarina of Time”)

You can purchase the digital version or physical version of her album. If you want the songs on your iPhone, iPad or iPod you can buy it on iTunes too !

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“this cat doesn’t even want to eat it just wants to WARM ITS FACE”

i want to do this now.

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Allies: Spirit Tracks by tellie-tale


Wow!!! Amazing Princess Zelda (laahmichelle) and Midna (Vera Lúcia) from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Photo by Weverton Souza.

"Light World and Twilight, two faces of the same coin…."